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Rules are provided in English and Chinese (Simplified). Largely based on rules on


These rules, which all players must obey, are laid down to maintain realistic gameplay and for creating a respectful space between the players.

  1. Be respectful to other players (No offensive names, racist, etc).
  2. One company for each player, or one shared company by several players.
  3. Do not block or sabotage companies, industries or cities. It’s forbidden to take cargo from industries if there are other companies’ active stations. Hotels are excluded if they are associated with towns with at least 2500 inhabitants. Cooperations with the agreement among all companies involved are excluded. Only companies that make a city grow can reserve the right to use the recyclables the city produces.
  4. No huge terraforming (sea, mountains, etc); use tunnels and bridges. Maximum 1 tile high for ditches and embankments.
  5. Never plant trees. The cost of planting trees is set to 2^16 times higher than the original.
  6. It is forbidden to connect two land masses with bridges (unless it exists in the real world at real dates). Use ships or planes.
  7. Do not buy a big amount of land; just the needed to enlarge the station.
  8. No abuse of station spread. The station is allowed to be split into 2 parts, separated by a maximum of 5 squares between the parts (Manhattan distance). If one of the parts is not used by vehicles, it can only be 1 tile.
  9. If you are away from keyboard (AFK), move to “spectator” with the button “Spectate”.
  10. The server aims to create a satisfying parallel world. It is no need to fully recreate reality, but construction of transport lines and exploitation of towns and industries cannot be highly unlikely to happen in common sense. Do not build very long non-stop rail lines without any target except making money (e.g. Archangelsk – Beijing non-stop in Russia map). This breaks game balance and is against reality. Designing and planning transportation from the aspect of passengers and labourers, rather than money-oriented capitalists, could effectively tackle this issue.
  11. Massively building same industries at the same place is strictly forbidden. No abuse of hotels: they can only be built in towns with population exceeding 1000, and the sum of passenger amount from all hotels of the town must not exceed 10% of the town’s population. Never massively build multiple industry complexes.
  12. Newly planned passenger (including mail) transport lines must connect with other passenger lines already built. For example, if a company built a passenger transport line between London and Paris, but there were no transport connections between Paris and Luxembourg, it would be prohibited for this company to build passenger transport lines between Luxembourg and Frankfurt. When infrastructure sharing is turned on, this also suits cross-company transfer. Copying other companies’ lines with no or “far” links with them is strictly prohibited.
  13. Planes can only be used as a supplement when there are other ways of transport to reach every place to be reached by planes from each other. Planes cannot be used to transport bulk/raw cargos.
  14. Please transport mail along with passengers to ensure town growth, and similarly, develop your transport company in a friendly way with minimal damage and maximal benefit to the game world.
  15. Long-distance transport lines are expected to be with different classes (according to the number of stations to stop) of service: stopping commuters, rapid/express, limited express… Avoid building metro-like long-distance lines.
  16. Do not build roads which disallow houses to be built along them in cities except designated highways or elevated roads.
  17. The number of available companies is limited. Companies that are obviously inactive will be deleted.
  18. When infrastructure sharing is turned on, make sure you are sharing or being shared without causing breakdowns of transport systems (such as using trains that are too long, thus stuck at the platforms).
  19. When vehicle braking is turned on, make sure each vehicle has a depot order and can go to the depot regularly, in particular when rule 18 is applied.
  20. Speak English when you want to communicate with those who do not understand your language, or in public. “Language skill issues” are not excuse for any offence of rules.
  21. Admin’s (currently John Franklin with Company 1) decisions are final; they reserve the right to make any changes to the game. These rules are for guidance only and are subject to change without notice. Playing on this server implies acceptance of these rules. Companies that violate these rules may be eliminated, and their players temporarily or permanently banned.

Updated 21 February 2024




  1. 尊重其他玩家。禁止使用冒犯性名称,散布歧视性内容。
  2. 一个玩家最多创建一个公司,或者几个玩家共享一个公司。
  3. 禁止阻塞或破坏公司、工业或城镇。当一个工业被其他公司的车站服务时,禁止从该工业获取货物。人口不少于2500人的城镇内的旅馆除外。经双方达成协议除外。只有对城镇增长有贡献的公司才能保留运输该城镇产出的回收物资的权利。
  4. 禁止进行大型地形改造(填海造山等);请使用桥或隧道。沟渠和堤坝最多一格高。
  5. 禁止种树。种树费用被设置为原版的2^16倍。
  6. 在真实地图中,禁止用桥梁或者海底隧道(JGRPP版本)连接两片大陆,除非桥梁或隧道在修建日期真实存在。请使用船或飞机。
  7. 不得大批量购买土地,除非这些土地是扩充车站需要的。
  8. 禁止肆意合并车站。车站允许分成两部分,这两部分的横竖间距之和不得超过5格;如果其中一个部分不被交通工具使用,两部分最多间距一格。极特殊情况下经过管理员批准可破例。
  9. 如果离开电脑,请观赛。
  10. 本服务器力求打造一个美好的、旅客满意的平行世界,不追求100%还原现实,但线路、城镇、工业开发也不可过于跳脱。即使在虚拟世界地图中,也禁止随意拉“大肠线”,其以过长、不停站、只有赚钱目的为特征(如:俄罗斯地图中,阿尔汉格尔斯克——北京的不停站铁路)。“大肠线”破坏游戏平衡,违背现实。多从旅客和工人的角度规划运输路线,不当一味赚钱的黑心资本家,可以有效解决这一问题。
  11. 严禁在一个地区大规模建设同种工业。严禁不切实际的旅馆数量:只有1000人以上的城镇才可建设旅馆,且一个城镇的所有旅馆每月产生的旅客量之和不得高于城镇人口的10%。禁止大面积建设多个工业复合体。
  12. 新规划的客运(含邮件)线路必须接入原有线路网。例如,当一个公司修建了伦敦与巴黎之间的客运线路,但巴黎与卢森堡之间无交通连接时,禁止该公司修建卢森堡与法兰克福之间的客运线路。当设施共享开启时,这也适用于跨公司联运。如果不提供与其他公司的便捷换乘,严禁复制其他公司线路。
  13. 两地之间只有通过其他运输模式可往返时才可使用飞机作为客流的补充。禁止使用飞机运输大宗原料。
  14. 运输旅客的同时,请运输邮件以确保城镇成长。相似地,做一个友好的运输大亨,将对游戏世界的伤害最小化,贡献最大化。
  15. 长途运输线路应有不同停站级别的服务:站站停通勤,快速/急行,特急,……避免建设地铁式长途线路。
  16. 禁止在城镇内建造禁止房屋生成的道路,除非修建高速公路或高架桥。
  17. 公司名额有限。管理员有权清除或转让长时间未上线的公司。
  18. 当设施共享开启时,确保共享设施时不会造成交通系统瘫痪(如使用超出车站长度的火车导致列车堵在站台上)。
  19. 当车辆损坏开启时,确保每辆交通工具有规律地接受维修,尤其是在第18条规则启用时。
  20. 当与不懂自己语言的人交谈或发布公告时,使用英语。语言交流上的障碍不是任何人违反规则的理由。
  21. 管理员(John Franklin,通常为公司1)具有最终决定权,有权不经公告而修改本规则。服务器玩家默认同意规则。违反规则的公司可能被清除,玩家的IP地址可能会被暂时或永久封禁。