Welcome to John Franklin's OpenTTD Server!
John Franklin's OpenTTD Server (short for JFServer) is an OpenTTD Server whose operator is from China. However, it is radically internationalised with English as the official contact language and players around the world. It features realistic gameplay with a respectful environment, and thus rules are needed. Also, the operator, John Franklin, is an OpenTTD content developer, making maps and NewGRFs.

This server features realistic gameplay and real-world transport simulation, with real-world game contents such as maps and NewGRFs (some even developed by the operator), plus rules to simulate reality.
This server aims for a respectful gaming environment, with no offensive attempts at players or gameplay modes. This also means a set of strict rules and nearly zero tolerance for any commitment against the rules.
Despite its deep connection with Chinese OpenTTD Community, this server uses English as the official language (at least when non-Chinese are present), and has players over the world. Sure, you can also learn Chinese!